Captain Metrics

Customer Data Platform

Captain Metrics collects, unifies & enriches your customer data in a single source of truth.

360° Customer View

user profile

Identity resolution

Unify user history across devices & all your tools (eCommerce, CRM, POS...) into a comprehensive profile. Captain Metrics automatically merges duplicated profiles by matching IDs, emails, hashes & social networks. Store custom user attributes that fit your needs.

Conversions & KPIs

Track orders, lead status & subscriptions metrics at the user or company level (B2B). View the whole conversion path of every conversion.

Complete timeline of interactions

Understand where your users come from and which channels/campaigns drive the key actions (orders, chat etc...). You can leverage those interactions to create meaningful segments & trigger marketing automations in real-time.

Consent management for GDPR

Keep track of user consent for marketing across your tools in a single source of truth.

Segmentation Engine

Build meaningful segments

Filter users by profile attributes (genre, country, tags…), computed metrics (lifetime value, order frequency…) or actions (session, pageview, order, event…).

The most powerful engine

Create sub-segments, AND/OR groups, use absolute or relative dates (30 days ago…) in the user time zone, filter actions by custom properties (A/B tests…) and much more!


Your segments are kept updated in real-time, as they are the building blocks of your marketing automation.

And much more...


Sync your orders & view the complete conversion funnel.

Product catalog

Sync your product catalog & fuel the AI recommendation engine.


Sync your vouchers & dispatch them with Marketing Automation.


Sync your leads & view every stage of your pipeline of deals.


Sync your subscription-based conversions & view the complete user journey.

B2B context

Aggregate your users' activity at the Company level.

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