Captain Metrics

Analytics & Multi-touch attribution

Analyze the impact of your campaigns and optimize your ROI to boost your marketing performance!

All your KPIs, unified


Unified Online & Offline data analytics

Analyze the performance of all your conversion domains (websites, applications & POS) and their relations (web-to-store, web-to-app...).


Don't wait anymore for your reports, all your datas are available and updated in real-time.

SQL total access

Connect your BI tools & empower your data scientists to surprise you !

Tracking subdomain

Preserve the consistency of your data against Safari's ITP measures with your tracking subdomain.

Optimize your marketing investments

Accurately determine the impact of different channels on your conversions. Finally make the right decisions to create exceptional digital experiences.

Comprehensive analytics

Evaluate customer journeys, campaigns, traffic sources, pages and products efficiency... Transform data flows into useful information for everyone.

Innovative multi-touch attribution

Break away from traditional and biased attribution models. Focus on the contributions of your channels and their interdependencies. Finally identify the winning routes!

Channels role

Discover and evaluate the role of each of your channels on the conversion tunnel. Get valuable insights to allocate your marketing budgets.

Segments / Acquisition / Retention

Analyze your reports for each user segment, in an acquisition and / or retention context. You will be surprised by the results!

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