Your Customer Journey is under control

Captain Metrics is much more than a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Cross-device unification, multi-channel attribution & real-time marketing automation.

Data unification

Multi-channel attribution

Marketing automation


Captain Metrics CDP

Unify all your data

The next generation of data collection & unification technology developed by Captain Metrics will help you understanding the complete path of your Customer Journey.

Enrich your user profiles and sync your CRM data via API & third-party integrations (Salesforce, Hubspot, Stripe, Intercom…).

Data unification

Segment your users

A precise segmentation of your users is the key to the success of your personalized marketing strategy.

The segmentation engine provided by Captain Metrics is probably one of the most powerful of the market: AND/OR embeded conditions, sub-segments, dynamic attributes (LTV, orders frequency, average cart, time to conversion etc…), all of this in real-time!

Users segmentation

Monitor the ROI of all your channels

Analyze the performance of your acquisition and retention campaigns, in a multi-channel attribution context.

Discover the role played by every channel in your Customer Journey: alone, initiator, assistant, closer.

Captain Metrics also helps you measuring the impact of your internal cross-conversions (ex: web-to-store, lead-to-subscription).

Multi-channel attribution

Automate your marketing in real-time

Send a message and/or a customized action, on the right channel, at the right time & to the right segment.

Examples for e-commerce: generate a promo code in real-time to boost your conversion rate, abandoned cart recovery, send a newsletter with customized recommended products, activate retargeting for Facebook/Google Ads...

Marketing automation
Take control of your Customer Journey
Discover how Captain Metrics can improve your Customer Journey
& boost your marketing campaigns.